Back to Basics Childcare is an in-home preschool that is designed to combine the love and comfort of a home day care with the educational value of a preschool, while meeting the developmental needs of the children. We have transformed our home to accommodate and nurture small children from ages Birth to 4.  Our goal is to give children a natural learning environment where their needs will be met while still providing the skills necessary for kindergarten.


Our Classroom doubles as our indoor Playroom and is used for Circle Time, Nap Time and Morning & Afternoon Individual Exploration.  This room is a stimulating environment with rich colors, toys that are separated into specific bins and are age appropriate for both boys and girls.  The room is designed for each child to have an exciting environment full of opportunities to explore, learn, and grow.

The games and toys will enhance your child’s learning and allow your child to learn through play. We incorporate developmental skills such as Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Proprioception and Sensory Activities.

Display Boards

Each week we focus on a theme that includes a letter, number and color.  The children participate in Arts & Crafts daily that are displayed in the Classroom on their individual board. On Friday, each child goes home with all of their work to show and tell.

Nap Time

All children take a nap from 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm. Classical music is softly  played to ease them to sleep. Each child is assigned a crib or mat, sheet and blanket for personal use. Mats are sanitized and the sheets and blankets are laundered weekly.


Our kitchen has been transformed into a child like environment. All Back to Basics Children eat their breakfast, lunch and snack at a child friendly height table and chairs. This allows for all of our children to seat together and practice proper table manners and etiquette. All meals and snacks are homemade with organic fruits, vegetables and milk. We place a large focus on the children to try new things and eat a well balance meal.


We love to play outside! Our large open playground is a great environment for children to learn through play.  It is completely enclosed and gates are locked for safety.  We enjoy, encourage and engage in  water play, messy play and different tactile experiences.  All of our toys and playground equipment is age appropriate.


Our bathroom is supplied with a step stool, potty chair, potty seat and antibacterial hand soap. We also help you with potty training!


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