Private & Group Coaching


30 minute FREE phone consultation!  $75 a session

Sessions are a one (1) hour private session where we lay out a Plan Of Action.  Additional sessions may be charged hourly or by the job. 

You will notice that some sessions overlap and that’s alright, during the 30 minute phone consult we will determine what we will be working! You may ask for a specific topic if not listed.

Getting Ready for Your New Baby

Things you need, setting up nursery, best products & why, registry, swaddling, looking for child care or nanny, what should I expect, etc.

Adjusting to Life With Your Infant/Toddler

Sometimes we dream of life being one way but when we get there it’s not as we had planned at all. This session will go over areas that you are having difficulty with and we will work together to find alternative suggestions.

Organizing Your Home for Your New Baby/Toddler

Setting up nursery, brainstorming organizing tips for small places, what do I really need and where, repurposing areas of your home to make way for baby or toddler. Organizing things that you need to be a mom on the go, organizing your morning to make sure you get out the door on time or organizing a safe play zone for your newly mobile child.

My Baby Cries All The Time ~ What to Do!

Every baby is different.  During this session we will brainstorm and try new techniques to sooth your new bundle of joy.  Babies can sometimes have sensitivity to different sensory stimulants and together we will see what works for your baby.

My Child is Challenging ~ What To Do!

Children are here to challenge us. They will push your buttons and see what they are allowed to get away with. Here you will learn a tool box of behavioral techniques to use with your child.

How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a website where you can create different boards of interest and “pin” websites to the specific board.  Your boards can be labeled “recipes”, “toddler activities”, or “baby games”. During this session I will help you set up your Pinterest account, create the boards you are interested in and teach you how to use the site to find things that will enhance your family’s life.

Mommy & Daddy Working Together

This session focuses on the communication between to parents that are having trouble communicating to each other. This could be any couple because we all change once a child is brought into the world.  Or this could be for the parents that feel it is best not to continue their relationship together. When this happens, a lot of couples would like to communicate with the other parent but things seem to get mixed up in emotions and translation.

Organizing Family/Business Bills

I have a simple way to organize your bills. I can come in with my magic label maker and make bill paying easy as pie!

Organizing or Repurposing a Room/Space in Your Home

I love to organize. When things are organized our lives work more efficiently, our minds are clearer and our moods lifted. When everything has a “home” time is not wasted on looking and can be applied to living! From pantries to offices, I have a knack for putting things in their place or repurposing a space or room to do what you want it to do

Setting Up a Preschool or Elementary Classroom

Help organizing your classroom, figuring out the best way to use the space or physical help setting up in the weeks/days before school starts.

Opening a Family Child Care Home

Here I will give you tips on what you will need to open a licensed Family Child Care Home and the process to go through. I will go over the state and county ordinances with you.

Organizing Your Family Child Care Home

Help organizing your play space, kitchen, outdoor space or paperwork. We can discuss it all.


Learning to Shop Online for Safer Products & Saving Your Time!

Are you a busy mom that wants to learn about safer, healthier products for your family? But, you don’t have time to “shop around” for the best prices or try new things and find they don’t work!  Would you be interested if I told you I found an online health and wellness company that has the best prices, ships right to your door, is safe for the environment and our families and you can make extra money if you choose?\


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